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Wedding Ceremonies

Hi, I’m Karen Birch I am truly blessed to perform the services I do. It is my honour to be included in these most special days of a couple’s life and so with it I bring a passion, excitement and commitment to each and every ceremony I perform.

Your Wedding Ceremony reflects your love and commitment to each other.  It should be a ceremony that will be remembered for years to come by yourselves, family and friends.

Each couple has a unique idea of how they would like their ceremony to be, some couples dream of having a big wedding and others want quite an intimate ceremony – just themselves and a few friends.

Every ceremony will be different and should be heartfelt and unique, telling the individual story of you – the couple, it is my honour to be able to provide and share this with you.

Whatever style of ceremony you would like I am happy to conduct a personalised event be it large, small, or even just the two of you (plus 2 witnesses).

If you are planning to get married, give me a call and let’s have a chat and discuss your perfect day. Contact me to discuss how we can make your wedding the most memorable and individual day of your life.

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